Afrikan Black Coalition Statement Against Racial Ignorance at UC Irvine

To All Chancellors, UC Regents, and UC Associates:

In 2011, it is extremely discouraging and outrageous that blatant racial discrimination and ignorance is still taking place in our country and let alone on one of our prestigious University of California campuses. The practice of stereotyping ethnic groups based off of uneducated assumptions is ignorant and will not be tolerated by the black students within the UC System. The event that took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at UC Irvine serves as a way to systematically stereotype, subjugate, and disrespect the essence of why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and the disrespect for the black community that occurs within the UC System.

 As a coalition of students and future leaders of America, we would like to make it clear that events like this are socially unacceptable and that a systematic change needs to occur to stop racial insensitivity on each UC campus. As our organization has requested before, we would like faculty and staff members to take racial tolerance and sensitivity courses so that they are better equipped for their positions and to interact with students.  If courses on racial tolerance were mandated for the entire UC staff and faculty then incidents of racial ignorance and prejudice would be far less extensive than they are now. Every quarter and semester that school is in session and racist acts occur, the UC system’s credibility for being a racially tolerant school system is discredited.  Martin Luther King Day is a holiday to be celebrated by all and is one of the first days of recognition every year for black individuals who have contributed socially, politically, and economically to the foundation of America.  The belittling of this holiday and the legacy of Martin Luther king to a meal of chicken and waffles is not only demeaning but extremely racially ignorant and insensitive.

            We are asking for leaders within the UC System to stand with us in solidarity by condemning the racist act of UC Irvine’s dining facility and to encourage racial tolerance, sensitivity and training courses to be mandated throughout the UC system. With your support, change can occur on each of the campuses and will help to stop racism in its most visible form.

In the words of Dr,. Martin Luther King Jr, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

            Please stand with us in the fight against injustice!


The Afrikan Black Coalition


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    January 2011